Come and enjoy appetizers, main dishes and desserts made with the most characteristic product of the regional sweets from Palmela – A Fogaça! According to tradition, the biscuits were “offered” to Santo Amaro as payment of promises and request for protection for health, crops or livestock. They began in the form of feet and hands and then took the form of animals or agricultural products as a form of thanking for the good year of production.

The Palmela Fogaças Blessing ceremony takes place annually on January 15 in the Church of S. Pedro (Vila de Palmela), in honor of Santo Amaro, in an initiative of the Palmela Gastronomic Confraternity with the Parish of Palmela, supported by the Municipality and by the Parish Council of Palmela. The recipe comes to this day through various family recipes, always keeping the taste of tradition.

Palmela Fogaças

Ingredients: 500 g of bread in batter; 500 g of yellow sugar; 1 kg of flour; 125 g of lard; 2 eggs + 1 egg to paint; Juice of 2 oranges; 1 orange rasp; Brandy; cinnamon; Fennel Preparation: Attach the eggs to the bread in batter. Then the juice and rasp of the oranges, the lard, the sugar, the cinnamon, the fennel, the brandy and finally the flour. After all well bonded and kneaded let it leaven for 30 minutes. Various shapes, such as animals, hearts, etc., are molded and painted with beaten egg. Bake in a greased baking dish. Note: It may take a little more flour depending on the size of the eggs and oranges. Fennel and cinnamon are as you wish, however the amount of fennel should always be higher than that of cinnamon.

Location: Palmela